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Southeast TV Channel

Southeast TV’s live broadcast took the main column \Entertainment and Fun\ as an example. \Entertainment and Fun\ was opened on January 5, 2002 and was one of the earliest entertainment information programs in China.

Fujian Sports Channel

Fujian Sports Channel live broadcast, Fujian Sports Channel program schedule

Fujian Economic Channel

The new concept of Fujian Economic Life Channel maintains the closest and most convenient contact with the audience through the interactive FM website, interactive mobile phone messaging platform, and interactive IVR platform. After a year of construction, Fujian Economic Radio.

Fujian Urban Fashion Channel

The live broadcast of the Fujian Urban Fashion Channel is guided by people without me, people with me superior, people with me special, and people special me absolutely. It targets urban audiences, publicizes fashionable personality, serves the needs of citizens, and showcases colorful life.

Fujian TV Drama Channel

The TV drama channel of Fujian TV Station meticulously arranges and broadcasts a series of good shows: the nine major theaters and the four-stage series are launched in a 24-hour series. Youth, idols, romance, and passion are all brilliant; ancient costumes, romance, funny, and legendary, panoramic views!

Fujian Children's Channel

The target audience of Fujian Children's Channel is 0-16 year-old children and their families. The slogan of the channel is Bangbang TV. The home I love is in line with children's psychological characteristics and demonstrates the channel's personality channel.

Fuzhou Television Channel

Fuzhou Television Channel (FZTV2) is also known as Fuzhou Television Channel V2. Slogan: V2, my mood vitamin.

Fuzhou News Channel

Fuzhou News Channel is a comprehensive news program launched by Fuzhou TV Station. Since its inception, this program has been government-oriented and the most timely and effective news channel.

Fujian Public Channel

Fujian Public Channel is a comprehensive station focusing on social education, economics, literature and art, and sports programs. It is an important information release window and publicity tool channel for the Fujian Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government.

Xiamen Satellite TV Channel

Xiamen Satellite TV takes entertainment, culture, art and news as its main content. It is a satellite TV channel with the purpose of conveying cross-strait information, promoting cross-strait exchanges, promoting southern Fujian culture and spreading Chinese civilization.

Xiamen Documentary Channel

The Xiamen Documentary Channel has become a unique television cultural landmark. It has established a high-end, rational and mature brand image, and has formed a core audience of men with higher spending power, knowledge and social status.

Xiamen Life Channel

In accordance with the requirements of party committee leadership, government management, and group structure, Fujian Xiamen Life Channel follows the general idea of ​​deepening reform, rationalizing the system, transforming mechanisms, integrating resources, strengthening the main business, invigorating operations, consolidating positions, and becoming stronger and bigger.